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Magic, Larry, Michael, Lebron.  All names we associate with the greatest basketball players of all time.  Well, he may be less than two years old, but Titus may be the next one added to the list.  The latest video to take YouTube by storm (over 2,000,000 views), shows young Titus shooting hoops of all sizes, with different balls, and in different locations, and making trick shots that rivals the famous Larry Bird/Michael Jordan McDonald’s commercial from years ago.

Word is that Titus started playing basketball as soon as he started walking and he’s a natural at the game.  Now, with all of these videos on the web, many will second guess the editing and try to inspect it to decipher whether or not it’s a sham, but to us, it’s pretty clear that even with some creative editing, this kid is the real deal.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the Duke’s, Kentucky’s, and other major college basketball programs in the country already have Titus on their radar screen and have begun recruiting him for the freshman class of 2029!

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At Ripley’s Times Square, located right in the heart of midtown Manhattan, it’s safe to say we are infatuated, no obsessed, with everything that’s unbelievable in the world.  We should be after all, as our infamous  “Believe it or Not!” has lived on for over 90 years and become a part of our regular vocabulary.  If you take notice, you’ll be surprised at how often you say to someone “Believe it or Not”.  And why do you say that?  All because of Ripley’s history of bringing amazing and unbelievable, yet true facts to you through the comic strip, books, radio show, TV shows, and of course, our attractions throughout the world that bring them all to life.

Our blog will include some of the craziest stories, amazing feats and incredible people that span the globe.  We are always in search of real, current BIONs (Believe it or Nots), and will do our best to share them regularly.  Everyone’s definition of amazing may be different, but ultimately things happen on a daily basis that will make us say “I don’t believe it”.

In addition, if you want more frequent updates than this blog provides, write a comment or follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.  Also, our web site will be challenging you weekly whether you should Believe it….Or Not!

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