The longest continuously published cartoon panel is not, in fact, "Peanuts," but the Ripley's Believe It or Not! cartoon!

A young Robert Ripley, faced with the task of filling the space assigned to him as an illustrator for the New York Globe, pulled a file marked "Dubious Athletic Achievements," a collection of sports oddities he had saved. He created a panel made up of nine of his favorite sports feats, and titled it "Champs and Chumps."

It was published on Dec. 19, 1918, and became an instant hit. The cartoon soon expanded beyond the sports world and was renamed "Believe It or Not!" and his legacy of chronicling strange and wonderful people, places, and things was born. In 1929, Ripley partnered with William Randolph Hearst to syndicate the strip globally, and by the mid 1930s it was published in more than 350 newspapers.

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