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You Have Just Entered ‘The LaseRace’

laser race for kids

Be careful, but hurry up because the clock is ticking. As the seconds add up, you need to make it past the steadily-approaching moving lasers without letting them touch you however, no harm done if you’re hit - you’ll just gain an extra 3 seconds to your time. Duck, dive, roll, or crawl - do anything it takes to make it to the other side. And once you’re there, good luck getting back as the lasers speed up. Welcome to the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Times Square’s LaseRace Challenge.

Compete With Your Friends And Family

Perfect for groups of friends or families, the LaserRace allows you to go head-to-head on the scoreboard with your fellow competitors. You can even watch your companions struggle through this maze of lasers on the TV monitors displaying every movement and decision that goes on inside. One false move by your friend and you can cheer your way to the top of the scoreboard.

Become a Local Legend

Every week, we reload the leaderboard so that you have your chance at being the top laser racer in New York and potentially all of the Ripley’s across the world. With thousands of people going through that race per day, you’ll have to face some top competition from London to Los Angeles.

Think you have it in you?

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