Albert Cadabra

The Human Blockhead

Sideshow Performer Albert CadabraOur humble host and a professional award-winning comedy sideshow magician who delivers powerful, amazing, and devilishly wild magic. He has entertained people from China to Coney Island, concert halls to intimate private parties. He is extremely funny, classy, astonishing and above all, amazingly entertaining.

Albert’s unique performances include eating razor blades and a 3’ long balloon, hammering 6” spikes into his face, electrocuting himself with 20,000 volts of electricity, and turning his assistant into a gorilla. He makes people and animals appear and vanish at will and also escapes from chains, shackles, locked crates and straight jackets, all with the flair, style, class, and great sense of humor you would expect from this seasoned, professional sideshow magician.


The Sword Swallowing Clown

Sideshow Performer JellyboyJellyboy has been swallowing swords since 2007.
 He travels regularly with the Squidling Brothers Circus Side Show 
performing in theaters, festivals, museums, and concert halls across the United States and around the world. Jelly boy has also hosted the Coney Island Rockabilly Festival and produced his own DIY circus in Philadelphia called Carnivolution for the past seven years. Jellyboy has been with Ripley's Believe It or Not! Times Square for three years now displaying his own invention, the world's most dangerous sword "The Flame Throwing Sword of Death."


The Man with the Iron Stomach

At the tender age of 7, young Gregory Dubin saw a guy remove all of the colors from a coloring book with the simple wave of his hand.  That night little Gregory went home and tried to repeat what he had seen with his own coloring book.  He couldn't do it.   Then, after years of study and practice, he could.  So he changed his name to Dubini…and the rest is history.

From sideshow stunts like swallowing razor sharp sewing needles to dazzling your senses with a deck of cards, Dubini will make you laugh.  Dubini will make you cry.  Dubini will amaze, astound, and amuse you with his unique brand of comedy magic.

Donny Vomit

The Sword Swallower

Sideshow Performer Donny VomitFor nearly a decade, Donny has been performing acts of a strange, bizarre, odd, and macabre nature. He can be seen hammering spikes into his skull, tossing chainsaws with style and grace, and subjecting victims to his electric chair in the fashion of a true gentleman oddity.

He performs an array of acts, including Human Blockhead, Chainsaw Juggling, Unnatural Acts with Animal Traps, Electric Chair, Blade Box, Straitjacket Escapes, Bed of Nails, Mental Floss, Glass Walking, and Fire Eating.


A Ripley’s Wonders International Performer

Sideshow Performer EnigmaThe self-proclaimed “Freak of Nature” emerged in 1991 and has since performed his all-ages show around the world, staging sideshow stunts that will make anyone’s jaw drop. His utter disregard for the ordinary has resulted in a daring show one has to see to believe. The Enigma has appeared in a number of television programs including The X-Files (in an episode entitled "Humbug") where he played a character called "The Conundrum." He has also appeared on Penn & Teller: Bullshit!. The Enigma was featured in the 2005 documentary film Freaky Circus Guy alongside sideshow performers Katzen, Danielle D'Meux, William Darke. In 2004, The Enigma appeared with Mike Patton, Jane Wiedlin, Karen Black and Katzen, in Steve Balderson's film Firecracker. A toy based on the Enigma's X-Files character "The Conundrum" was sold as part of Palisades Toys' X-Files PALz action figure line.


Sideshow Performer Lizardman Fully tattooed, Lizardman has undergone an estimated 650-700 hours of tattooing. The Lizardman is one of the single most complete sideshow entertainers in history. With the help of Dr. Grift, he is able to offer an unequaled repertoire consisting of over 36 acts with many variations of each.



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